Getting SEO page ranks for different providers

Piwik is a Open source web analytics application that has a huge number of valuable functions related to SEO and other analytics stuff built-in. One such module is RankChecker. This module provides page rank information for Google, Dmoz and Alexa. With some modification to the original RankChecker.php we can use it in our own application (with appropriate license). The following is a example code for the same using RankChecker.

getPageRank() . PHP_EOL;
echo "Alexa PageRank : " . $rank->getAlexaRank() . PHP_EOL;
echo "Dmoz Entries: " . $rank->getDmoz() . PHP_EOL;
echo "Google Indexed Pages : " . $rank->getIndexedPagesGoogle() . PHP_EOL;
echo "Bing Indexed Pages : " . $rank->getIndexedPagesBing() . PHP_EOL;


This will return the following.

Google PageRank : 8
Alexa PageRank : 806
Dmoz Entries: 480
Google Indexed Pages : 367000
Bing Indexed Pages : 427000

The code files can be downloaded from below.

Download Code files
Downloads : [downloadcounter(check-rank)] / File size : [downloadsize(check-rank)]

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