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With Adobe Flash not being natively supported by Apple iOS, there have been some attempts from programmers to convert Flash files to HTML, such as SmokeScreen and Gordon; which will help developers easily port existing Flash content to iOS devices (iPad, iPhone). Not to be left behind on its own turf, Adobe has come up with its own conversion tool, “Wallaby”.

“Wallaby” is the codename for an experimental technology that converts Flash content (FLA files) into HTML 5. This allows you to reuse existing Flash content on devices that do not support Flash. Once converted to HTML, you can easily edit them using Adobe Dreamweaver or any other editing tools.

Wallaby comes as a desktop Adobe Air application so you will need the AIR runtime installed on your system to run the application.

Wallaby uses SVG instead of Canvas to recreate the output because SVG is rendered natively by the browser while Canvas is drawn with JavaScript, which tends to slow down the rendering. According to experiments carried out by Adobe, Canvas was a lot slower than SVG on portable devices. Another point cited by Adobe for favoring SVG is that of readability. Using Canvas lowers the readability of the HTML since the output becomes a program instead of markup as in SVG.

Note that as of now not all Flash Professional features are supported in the HTML5 format, so Flash files above average complexity will not be rendered properly. I tried converting a few FLA files but met with a few conversion errors, mainly that of incompatible file format. As Adobe is desperate to make its presence felt in the portable devices market, expect a more complete working product by 2011 end.

You can download Wallaby from Adobe Labs.

One thought to “Convert Adobe Flash FLA files into HTML”

  1. Yeah, I spend months to make flash website in 2004. Now I can make it again, because it just don’t open on tablets and phones. It is a pity, because I like Flash and its ease with connecting bitmap, animation, web and vector on one timeline.

    Now I am spending another months to make it work in html5. Knowing my luck, I will finish it, and then they make some new super duper something, and I will have to start over. Learning has no end.

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