Transferring large PSD files quickly using Diff-Patch

psd1Recently for a small design work a creation of a Photoshop PSD document was required. Being a high resolution image the file size went up to something around 85MB. Zipping the document brought down the size to a manageable 35MB (but still quite large for my net connection) . As all designers know, frequent modifications are a part of the process, and I surely needed to do one on the original PSD; which meant I had to send the whole modified PSD file again to the client, even though the actual modifications were quite minor. As I use a 384Kbps broadband line, it takes quite a while to upload the file. Make a couple of more revisions and you can see how much precious¬† time is wasted in transferring the document. As I’m not a designer by profession, I’m unaware of any tools that might ease this process. So I thought if using a binary diff and patch utility would help me make my job easier.

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