Unpacking binary data in PHP

To set the stage we will start with a programming problem, this will keep the discussion anchored to a relevant context. The problem is this : We want to write a function that takes a image file as an argument and tells us whether the file is a GIF image; irrelevant with whatever the extension the file may have. We are not to use any GD library functions.

A GIF file header

With the requirement that we are not allowed to use any graphics functions, to solve the problem we need to get the relevant data from the GIF file itself. Unlike a HTML or XML or other text format files, a GIF file and most other image formats are stored in a binary format. Most binary files carry a header at the top of the file which provides the meta information regarding the particular file. We can use this information to find out the type of the file and other things, such as height an width in case of a GIF file. A typical raw GIF header is shown below, using a hex editor such as WinHex.

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Easy way to build GET query strings in php

Passing variables with a url is such a frequent thing programmers do that most of you may think this post is unwarranted. We call this method of passing variables as GET, the other being POST. It is one of those things which can be easily done in php. Lets take an example. You are to query a database and for that you need to send three variables via GET – city, id, paid.
The common way to pass them via GET is to construct a query string as below:

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Ping a server using PHP

PEAR’s Net_Ping is a niffty wrapper class for executing ping calls from PHP. You can use it to check if a remote server is responding correctly. The library can be download fromĀ  here.


Net_Ping being a Pear package we will use the Pear installer to download and install it. I recommend to always use the Pear installer to download packages rather than downloading it manually as the Pear installer automatically downloads any dependent packages.

pear install Net_Ping-2.4.4


A example of using Net_Ping is given below.

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Reading raw POST data in PHP

A quick tip for reading raw http POST data in PHP. For example if we have a xml posted to a page, we can read the raw data with the following code.

$xml = file_get_contents('php://input');

We could use $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA instead, but many times it does not work due to some php.ini settings. Note that ‘php://input’ does not work with enctype=”multipart/form-data”.

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Google Pagerank in PHP

Due to recent changes made by Google in its Page Rank processing the following library doesn’t work. However you can try to use the following api made available by fusionswift.com:

Mark Woodman has created a nifty class which lets you query Google pagerank info in PHP 5 and above. The complete classes are available here.

The minimum classes required are ‘cacher.class.php‘ and ‘google_pagerank.class.php‘.

Sample code is shown below. (more…)

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