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One of the most boring task for me during development is that of creating forms. I like to get the task done as quickly as possible and get on with the back-end code. There are many javascript and php libraries that enable you to do just that, but you always need to integrate the two together to get a workable form. MVC frameworks provide a nice way to quickly create a form with all the validations and errors nicely built in. But for non-framework applications we have to rely on libraries or create a form code from scratch.

A few days back I stumbled on jFormer, a nice PHP form processor,that lets you create pleasant forms with validations and other nice features without much of a hassle. The library relies on jQuery for client side validation and processing.

A quick code

A sample code to display a ‘contact’ form with validation and form processing is shown below. Although this might look a bit complex, remember that all the JavaScript validation and display is done automatically by the code.

    new JFormComponentName('name', 'Name:', array(
        'validationOptions' => array('required'),
    new JFormComponentSingleLineText('email', 'E-mail address:', array(
        'width' => 'long',
        'validationOptions' => array('required', 'email'), // notice the validation options
    new JFormComponentSingleLineText('subject', 'Subject:', array(
        'width' => 'longest',
        'validationOptions' => array('required'),
    new JFormComponentTextArea('message', 'Message:', array(
        'width' => 'longest',
        'height' => 'medium',
        'validationOptions' => array('required'),

// Set the function for a successful form submission
function onSubmit($formValues) {

    if(!empty($formValues->name->middleInitial)) {
        $name = $formValues->name->firstName.' '.$formValues->name->middleInitial.' '.$formValues->name->lastName;
    else {
        $name = $formValues->name->firstName.' '.$formValues->name->lastName;

    // Send the message - you would need to include a mailing package or some other way to send your message
    // the return array returns to jformer and tells it how to how to handle the response
    if(!$mail->Send()) {
        $return = array('status' => 'failure', 'response' => $mail->ErrorInfo);
        $return['failureNoticeHtml'] = 'There was a problem sending your e-mail.'; // failureNoticeHtml returns and html error message
    else {
        $return = array('status' => 'success', 'response' => 'Message successfully sent.');
        $return['successPageHtml'] = '

Thanks for Contacting Us

Your message has been successfully sent. We will respond as soon as possible.

'; // successPageHtml returns html for a success page. this can be any html. } return $return; } // Process any request to the form $contactForm->processRequest(false); ?>

There are some other nice demos on the site that you can play with, I specially like the ‘survey’ form demo. One major irritation though is the lack of documentation, which I hope the authors quickly take care of.

4 thoughts to “Quick web forms in php”

  1. Hey mate. My name is Justin and I just stumbled on your site for the first time. I’m interested in your blog, well your articles, because I myself am an Ardruino developer, web developer, etc. Looks like we have some of the same hobbies.

    Keep it up man!

  2. Hello Rodrigo!

    You can customize the error messages. More documentation will be coming in a weeks time from the authors.

  3. Hi,
    Nice article .
    I have never used Jquery , so sory for my dump question 🙂
    Where can I download the “jformer.php” ?
    ” require_once(‘jformer.php’); ”


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