Detect if a mobile device is accessing your application

With a proliferation of mobile devices, web applications now need to be able to detect if it is being viewed on a mobile platform. The mobile detection library here can help you in these matters. Obviously I’ve not tested it on all available devices but it worked on a few I’ve got.Sample code and a quick demo are shown below.

CheckMobile()) {
    echo 'Your mobile device is a ' . $ismobile->GetMobileDevice();
else {
    echo "It isn't a mobile device!";


View the following link on your mobile device.

Besides the above functions it can also detect if WAP is being used on the mobile.

$iswap = $ismobile->checkMobileWap();

2 thoughts to “Detect if a mobile device is accessing your application”

  1. @Johny,
    Opera Mobile is different with opera mini
    Opera mobile have choice to choose user agent
    and default user agent opera mobile is Desktop

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