Browser based SQL schema designer

WWW SQL Designer is a free database designer. It allows developers to create database schemas using a graphical interface. The designs can be further saved/loaded and exported to SQL scripts. The software supports a number of databases and languages.


This tool allows you to draw and create E-R diagrams in your browser using Javascript without the need for any external plugins like Flash, Java or Flex.

Many database features are supported, such as keys, foreign key constraints, comments and indexes. You can either save your design , print it or export as SQL script. It is possible to import schema from existing database. The application supports MySQL, Sqlite, PostgreSQL ,MSSql.

The application allows you to:
1. Draw E-R designs
2. Edit tables and rows
3. Manage keys
4. Create relations (FK constraints)
5. Save & Load designs
6. Import DB schemas

The importing of MySQL databases can take some time, so make sure you set PHP timeout to more than 60 seconds to avoid errors. A sample WordPress 2.7 schema imported is shown below.


Installation is simple. Just download the code from here, change your database settings in the ‘sqldesigner\backend\php-mysql\index.php’ (if you are using PHP & MySQL) file and you are ready.

A live demo of the application can be found here.

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