Beautifying XML documents

I frequently write php code to access various web services and the most common response data I encounter is in xml, which most of the time is not formatted. I use xmlPad to format and analyze xml documents, but many times I need to format xml documents on the production server wherein xmlPad is of no use. What one needs is a library that would allow you to beautify your untidy xml documents within your php code. XML_Beautifier provides that solution.
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Adminer – a fast MySQL administration tool

adminer1Before you go ahead and think that you don’t need yet another MySQL management tool, I think you should at least take a quick look at this one. Adminer is a single file (yes! everything in a single php file) tool to manage all your MySQL related tasks. All you have to do is upload the adminer.php file to your server and voila! you are ready to go. No messing around with huge software’s to manage your database. Weighing only 170KB, its easy to upload to any server. A demo of the same is included on the Adminer site.
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Codediesel Firefox toolbar

A couple of days back I created a Firefox toolbar for my blog as an experiment in learning XUL. The toolbar is shown below. You can install the same from here.


Now you can create a toolbar for your own blog or site. The source for the toolbar can be downloaded from below after which you can edit the code to suit your site; to help you there is a nice reference for XUL elements here. The idea for the post was inspired by david.

Download Source
Downloads : [downloadcounter(codedieselToolbar)] / File size : [downloadsize(codedieselToolbar)]