Convert Adobe Flash FLA files into HTML

With Adobe Flash not being natively supported by Apple iOS, there have been some attempts from programmers to convert Flash files to HTML, such as SmokeScreen and Gordon; which will help developers easily port existing Flash content to iOS devices (iPad, iPhone). Not to be left behind on its own turf, Adobe has come up with its own conversion tool, “Wallaby”.

“Wallaby” is the codename for an experimental technology that converts Flash content (FLA files) into HTML 5. This allows you to reuse existing Flash content on devices that do not support Flash. Once converted to HTML, you can easily edit them using Adobe Dreamweaver or any other editing tools.
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Peeking inside FireFox using MozRepl

I usually use Selenium for testing web applications or some quick screen scraping jobs. It is more than adequate for my purpose as most of the time I work on the back-end code. But if you spend most of your time working on Ajax, scraping and other JavaScript jobs, then you need more powerful tools at your disposal. The one I think you will find useful is MozRepl. With it you can connect to Firefox and other Mozilla apps, explore and modify them from the inside, execute Javascript, peek into HTML pages, examine functions and variables, all while FireFox is running.
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Increase your MySQL productivity with Toad

Recently my favorite MySQL Swiss Army Knife has to be Toad for MySQL. Not only does it have a plethora of tools and interesting features, it is free. A few days back I’d to compare database schemas of different versions of a application to see if some table fields had changed between versions. Comparing a database schema containing above 200 tables can be a time consuming job if you do not have the right tools. Toad makes the work easier with its schema and data compare feature, which lets you easily compare schema and also the data from two different databases. You can even synchronize the two schemas or the data therein so both the databases contain the same schema and data.

Besides these it has a nice query builder, somewhat like the one in Microsoft Access. Toad also can manage your Amazon EC2 instances with its built-in tool, which I’ve yet to try. Other than these it has the other regular features – a database explorer, table builder, database diagram creator etc. Toad is now my favorite tool for managing MySQL data.

Scanning web pages for malicious scripts

With the recent surge of malicious JavaScript injections on web, it has become necessary to regularly check for malicious code injections on your web sites. I created a small php script that checks a list of urls for malicious Javascript code. This can come handy if you have many client websites under your control.

The PHP script reads two text files – ‘malicious.txt and ‘urls.txt’ : the first containing a list of web pages to be scanned and the other containing malicious script signatures. The script scans the urls for malicious scripts and if any infections are found it saves the result in the ‘infected.txt’ file. The script needs to be run from the command line as you can easily see the progress of the scan if you are scanning a large number of urls.
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