Detecting user agents in php

Every time you use your browser to access a website a User-Agent header is sent to the respective server.
Detecting user agents on the server can be useful for many reasons.

1. Browsers Quirks – Despite the standardization in browsers, there will remain some quirks in various browsers that you will need to iron out on a regular basis.
2. Personalize Content – It may be required to deliver different type of content depending on the browser type (although it is usually not recommended); whether mobile or otherwise.
3. Illegal Access – Prevent bandwidth hogging bots and poorly programmed clients from downloading your content.
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Codediesel Firefox toolbar

A couple of days back I created a Firefox toolbar for my blog as an experiment in learning XUL. The toolbar is shown below. You can install the same from here.


Now you can create a toolbar for your own blog or site. The source for the toolbar can be downloaded from below after which you can edit the code to suit your site; to help you there is a nice reference for XUL elements here. The idea for the post was inspired by david.

Download Source
Downloads : [downloadcounter(codedieselToolbar)] / File size : [downloadsize(codedieselToolbar)]

Internet Explorer 8 and backward compatibility

ie8With the release of Internet Explorer 8, the issue of compatibility has again become a concern for web developers. If your website does not display correctly in IE8, you have a choice of either updating your website to support the latest Web standards or you can force IE8 to display your content as if it were being rendered in an older version of the browser. Luckily IE8 has a compatibility mode which tells IE what browser version it should use to render a page. This will give developers time to update their site for IE8.
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