Create stunning mobile / iPad versions of your WordPress site

WPtouch Pro! is a WordPress plugin for self-hosted WordPress websites that shows a well-designed mobile theme version of your site when visitors are using popular touch mobile devices like the iPhone/iPod touch, Google Android phones, Palm Pre/Pixi, Samsung bada and Blackberry Storm & Torch devices.

WPtouch Pro works by automatically detecting these devices and serves its mobile/tablet-friendly themes. Desktop visitors still see your regular theme, and changes to it do not affect WPtouch Pro and vice-versa.

The plugin just doesn’t glue together RSS feeds, or use a proxy server to modify your site’s look— It creates a full-fledged theme, completely separate from your desktop theme that offers most of WordPress’ native features, & works with other plugins, too.

The plugin requires WordPress 3.1 or higher.

Disclaimer: The above link to WPtouch Pro is a affiliate sponsorship.

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