Learning the Language of the Web

With the ever increasing presence of the Web, more people are interested in learning the language of the Web. Designers, artists, and newbie’s unfamiliar with Web development are eager to learn to code so that they can understand the Web better and create something original.

Learning through books can take some time and can be a major hindrance for people who find the learn-by-the-book method dry an uninspiring. In a bid to make learning the language of the Web more interesting, some designers and developers have come together and created some interesting and useful web projects.

The first of the lot is dontfeartheinternet.com. Created by designers Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer; ‘dontfeartheinternet’ is a set of video lectures that teach you about html, css, and browsers, right from scratch. The lectures are mostly targeted towards print designers unfamiliar with the Web medium.

The other is teamtreehouse.com. In the same league as the above site, teamtreehouse.com is a more comprehensive site, providing lectures in Web Design, Web Development and iOS development, and provides test questions after each video lecture. Although not free, teamtreehouse.com can help you quickly learn Web development fundamentals in a structured way.

And the final site, codecademy.com. This is more targeted for people wanting to learn JavaScript in an interactive way. The best part is that it is free.

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