Review: Ibvpn VPN service – Giveaway of 2 accounts is giving away 2 full year accounts for codediesel readers. ibvpn provides a paid VPN service for web anonymity. A VPN is one of the essential elements of modern networks; besides helping companies connect geographically distant networks securely, a VPN also allows one to overcome online restrictions and bypass internet censorship from anywhere and anytime. Normally I do not use a VPN, but recently I decided to try, who generously offered me a trial account for testing.

ibVPN service allows you to surf the Web invisibly and securely without leaving a trace and without being tracked (avoid using it for nefarious activities). For example you could use it to access country specific sites like (which currently can be streamed only within the United States) or bypass Internet censorship. It also lets you use VoIP service like while traveling to countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.) where VoIP is blocked by state run Telcos. The service works by routing traffic through secure servers located at various locations.

The service uses PPTP, Open VPN and L2TP and is compatible with most operating systems, including Android, WM Smartphones, iPhone, iPad. Once I got my free account, installation was a breeze, although the documentation needs some improvement. For starters I decided to try accessing Using ibVPN I was able to view all the videos and surprisingly with good speed, which many VPN providers lack.

The pricing is decent if you are going to use the service on a regular basis, but would recommend starting with a monthly package to see how it works. Overall a decent service for a reasonable price.

How to win 2 free accounts ?

To join the giveaway just comment below on ‘ for what would you use a VPN service‘. Winners will be chosen randomly on 15 Jun 2011 and notified here.

The following persons have won the 1 Year VPN account giveaway, congratulations!
1. xolid
2. Dharmesh

14 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Please count me in. The country I live in has very serious internet censorship, many sites have been blocked, some file hosting websites are even blocked, not to mention facebook, twitter, etc. I would use a vpn to communicate with foreign friends, visit some websites, including yours. And a vpn can help me to get rid of the notorious internet monitoring.

    Anyway, I am in desperate need of a vpn to surf the internet, please count me in.

  2. alansubandi says:

    I really need a VPN service because with account vpn I can more freely when browsing and can access some sites that I can not access in my country, because I really like watching my favorite tv shows via the Internet like Hulu. I really hope to be one winner of this giveaway

  3. xolid says:

    This is a superb option!thanks Sameer!

    I would like to take a chance for this.

    Mainly i need it to access multimedia content that has geo restrictions and to surf fast and with ease that this provider has.

    also moving internationally frequently is a good reason to have this option .

    I have read good things about company and i really think is one of the best out there.

  4. alex says:

    wow, this would be great since I am in China, I really need a vpn now to bypass the bloody great firewall.

    I also wanna watch bbc iplayer which is only available within UK, I guess ibvpn would help me out with that.

    Hope I can become a winner of this giveaway. Many thanks!

  5. Arturas says:

    Random! :))

  6. kott says:

    Please cont me in.

    Excellent for watching iplayer also.

  7. Dharmesh says:

    I need the VPN desperately as I am in dubai and here most of the sites are blocked which are of importance to me. Even VOIP is blocked so i am unable to use Skype or other services. I need this truely.

  8. sandy says:

    Very nice.I need it to listen pandora and aol radio.

  9. Dominic says:

    It would be nice to take advantage of an US IP -> hulu,, news sites

  10. ivan says:

    I really need a VPN service because with account vpn I can more freely when browsing and can access some sites that I can not access in my country,wow, this would be great since I am in China, I really need a vpn now to bypass then access in my country, I need this truely.

  11. zeraldo78 says:

    Travelling a lot for work i have to access securely and wherever my fav sites.Thanks.

  12. rajbahat says:

    Participating on this to have chance to watch hulu and have freedom on browsing!

  13. Tan Jia Hui says:

    To surf sites that are normally blocked. All hail VPN! XD

  14. T.Mi says:

    i want it to surf music sites restricted.Kind to give this package.