“why software projects fail” Poster

Software projects fail – that is a fact no developer is immune from; and the reasons for the same are quite simple and well understood. Still we encounter projects that have gone astray because developers or companies do not learn from their mistakes or are unwilling to follow best practices. For many of us, its always the “next project” that is going to be well designed.

On my book shelf I’ve a health chart. I had created it after I kept losing track of my daily exercise schedules. There is a quirk in the chart though. Rather than listing what exercise routines I should be doing or what food I should be eating, it lists all the negative aspects of living an unhealthy lifestyle. This spurs me towards action more than if I has just listed the positive aspects of health. Now once on the shelf it acts as a daily reminder and helps me keep my health in check.

The chart below lists some of the reasons that most software projects fail. I’ve created it so that anyone can print and post it near their workplace, as a constant reminder to the perils of poor development practices. Designing is not my forte, so extend me some latitude if you don’t like the design.

Download chart as :
1. Medium resolution Gif
2. PDF


7 thoughts to ““why software projects fail” Poster”

  1. In #3, you forgot “lack of proper funding; lack of proper infrastructure; lack of proper software; lack of a decision-maker; lack of a person who is responsible for the whole thing when the hammer falls”.
    Also, should be “Insufficient and/or poorly skilled developers”.

  2. Nice poster, but what i love the most was the “For many of us, its always the “next project” that is going to be well designed”

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