Local email testing of applications

E-mails are a pervasive element of most web applications. But many times testing and debugging emails can become a hassle when many of them are involved. Most of the time you just want to be sure that the email part of your application is working fine, without flooding your mail account with test mails.

Papercut is a simplified SMTP server designed to help you receive emails from your local applications but without sending them out. It doesn’t even care if the email address you sent is valid or not. It just takes the email you sent and displays and logs it in a window for you to see if it is correct. It can be quite useful if you just need to make sure that the email part of your applications is working fine.


Papercut is a Windows application requiring .NET Framework 3.5 . Thankfully no installation is required as the application can be run directly. Upon activation it sits in the system tray and pops a message when a email is received from a local web application.


The messages can then be viewed in the Papercut window.


In all a simple and useful tool for any web developer.

3 thoughts to “Local email testing of applications”

  1. Great, thx … i visit your blog almost every day … yesterday i started writing a newsletter app for a customer and thought it would be cool to have a local smtp server to do tests, i did not want to spam my gmail account with thousands of mails, now i have what a need 😉

  2. Looks like a very useful tool. If you’re using Windows XP Pro, you actually have an SMTP server built-in and just need to enable it. I’m not sure about Vista or Windows 7, though.

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