GoDaddy woes

Due to the recent traffic spike on my site, Godaddy has pulled my site from the main server and pushed it to a temporary machine citing the following reason for the same.

It has come to our attention that your hosting account for is causing an overload of the shared resources on this server. This, in turn, affects the server performance for other customers. We have migrated your site to a new server to provide you time to resolve the issue.
At the end of this time period, we will review your CPU usage. If it has been resolved, we will migrate you back to the original server. If it has not been resolved, you should then consider the need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server. Please note, if the CPU usage is further exceeded on this new server, we reserve the right to suspend the account to ensure the overall health of the server.

They are planning to restore the site to the original server in a month if the problem is resolved, but the last line freaks me out. I can understand their predicament; they have to ensure equal service to all sites on a shared hosting, but I cannot afford to get my site pulled down without any warning. So I’m planning to migrate it to a different server. I’ve narrowed down my choices to two hosting providers; mochahos and justhost.

What do you think is the best hosting provider to replace Godaddy. Currently I use a shared Linux hosting plan.

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  1. Not sure about the two you mention, but I’ve been using for the last couple of years for my side projects… haven’t had any issues.

  2. Anything is better than godaddy, i would recommend slicehost. Get a decent VPS with them for $20 pm, will beat any shared hosting environment.

  3. I have been really happy with media temple dv hosting and also westhost.

    Both reasonable priced and quite stable.

  4. I’d recommend Media Temple DV or VE if you’re comfortable with Linux. Another great option is Amazon Web Services. The cost is based on how much resources you consume and is reasonably priced.

  5. I use They’re very affordable, excellent up time and customer service. I have zero complaints. I agree though that anything is better than GoDaddy.

  6. GoDaddy’s service is really really bad. I have had bad experience with them. They will not let me restart tomcat when I want, they will not let me see the log files to find out what is wrong. They are just plain bad when it comes to Java hosting.

    I have moved my site ( to mochahost, so far I have not complains with them. The best thing about them is the Live Chat support. If you have any issue, feel free to talk to them any time of the day/night. They are very professional and ready to help in whatever way possible.

  7. I think shared hosting is not suitable choice to handle your traffic. Maybe you need a VPS. I’m using VPS from Knownhost. But if you need more flexible usage, decide to take a dedicated server. I have a package from http://DS.MY, so far there’s no problem to handling my web traffic 😀 Don’t worry, I have no affiliate with them. LoL …

    Thinking about cost, it’s time for you to consider of advertisement space in your blog. I’m sure it’s easy to get some advertiser to this blog.

  8. >What do you think is the best hosting provider to replace Godaddy.

    Select any host at random, you will likely do better than GoDaddy.

  9. I’m sure you all have more experience than I, but I wanted to add my two cents – I’ve actually been really happy with godaddy – aside from the advertising – I think they have really good customer service. But that’s just me, and again, you all may be totally right.

  10. Personally and for side jobs, I use

    They have great customer support, uptime, and reasonably priced. I have one client who uses GoDaddy and I hate everything I’ve seen about it.

    Good luck in your decision!

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