Learning the Language of the Web

With the ever increasing presence of the Web, more people are interested in learning the language of the Web. Designers, artists, and newbie’s unfamiliar with Web development are eager to learn to code so that they can understand the Web better and create something original.

Learning through books can take some time and can be a major hindrance for people who find the learn-by-the-book method dry an uninspiring. In a bid to make learning the language of the Web more interesting, some designers and developers have come together and created some interesting and useful web projects.
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Internet Explorer 8 WebSlices

ie 8 webslicesWebSlices, what?
Internet Explorer 8 has introduced a new feature, WebSlices. In a nutshell, WebSlices enable websites to connect with users by allowing them subscribe to content directly within a webpage. WebSlices behave just like RSS feeds, but instead of subscribing to XML feeds you subscribe to portions of a particular website and receive updates when the content changes. The slices corresponding to a particular website are polled at user-defined intervals to keep the content fresh.

With the help of WebSlices you can keep your users connected to your site. Any content on your site that regularly changes can be tagged as a WebSlice. For e.g products, horoscopes, weather, stocks, news, photos.

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