Efficiently Replicating RETS data to MySQL

A recent project of mine entailed replicating a RETS database on a local MySQL database server. The client had a new real-estate mobile search app in development and wanted to have a local copy of the RETS database for search queries instead of a remote RETS server. This approach has several advantages:

  • Response times for accessing your local database are significantly faster than connecting to a remote RETS server for each request.
  • RETS servers requires that you query using certain combination of fields and also limits the number of fields you can search on. Using a local database would allow you to search on any field with any combination.
  • RETS servers also limit the time of day you’re allowed to access the RETS server and also restricts how much queries you can run per hour. You may also be limited to the number of records you can retrieve per query from a RETS server while a local database wouldn’t have that limit.

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