Grabbing the referrer search engine keywords for a site

A couple of weeks back I had to write a solution for a client to track the referrer search engine from where the user came to his sites contact page, without using Google Analytics. If a user was to fill the contact form on the website, the referring search engine name and the keyword for which it was refereed was to be emailed along with the contact information. The following is a solution for the same.

To get the referrer information we need to use the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] variable and store it in a session so that it is not overwritten as the user browses the site before he submits the contact information. If the users comes to the website from a search engine he could land on any page, so we need to add some code to capture the referrer url on each page of the site. We only need to save the referrer if the referrer is from outside the current domain.
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