Building a Cordova mobile app with NetBeans

Here is a quick look at building a mobile app using NetBeans and Cordova. To develop Cordova applications, you must install SDKs for each mobile platform you are targeting. This installation is necessary regardless of whether you do the majority of your work in the SDK or use the CLI for your build cycle. Here we will be focusing on the Android platform, so you will need to install the Android SDK first.

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Smartphone ecommerce usage infographic

Developers have a lot to consider when it comes to the user experience: making sure everything works, how intuitive it is to use, and that it beats the competition. But one thing that developers have to consider now on top of everything else is how to deliver all of these same variables in a pocket-sized, mobile format.

Having a mobile app is something that users expect from brands now, and it’s a big part because the rising level of reliance on mobile devices. Mobile functionality is something that’s impossible to ignore, and in order to develop properly for it, you need to understand who’s going to be using it.
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How to detect and redirect to a mobile site in PHP

With multiple versions of a site now common, it is important to redirect to the appropriate version depending on the type of device the user is using. For example if a user is viewing a website on a mobile device, we should be able to redirect to a mobile friendly version of our site. For this purpose we should be able to detect the device the user is using and act accordingly. This is where mobile detection libraries come in handy.
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Transform websites to mobile sites quickly

Mobilize.js allows web developers create mobile sites out of existing websites with little effort. It supports the following features:

Automatically detect mobile browsers.
Easy to integrate – no server side changes needed.
Open source – no expensive software or licenses needed.
Familiar HTML5, Javascript and JQuery Mobile tools used.
Supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Opera Mini and other browsers and devices.

If you have a WordPress site, plugins are available for the same. To see exactly how mobile.js works, check this section of the documentation.