Building Reactive web content

Reading is an active process. Weather you are reading a web page, a book or any other media, the information tends to generate ideas in the mind of the reader. An active reader asks questions, considers alternatives, questions assumptions and analyses the argument of the author. An active reader doesn’t passively store up information, but uses the author’s arguments to create a framework to further up his ideas and understanding.
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For whom do we develop software!

badaman_hands_on_clayInterface design is hard. Which is why most programmers turn a blind eye to it. During collaborative development I frequently encounter fellow programmers remark something to the following effect: ‘…do not worry, the users are not idiots, they will understand for what these buttons have been provided, no need to provide tool-tips or any help, lets get these code working and show it to the client.’
Interface design or rather usability design is usually left as an after thought; a colorful facade that you stick on to your backend code.

The following two videos provide a stark reminder, that for most of the time these are the people we develop software for.
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