Peeking inside FireFox using MozRepl

I usually use Selenium for testing web applications or some quick screen scraping jobs. It is more than adequate for my purpose as most of the time I work on the back-end code. But if you spend most of your time working on Ajax, scraping and other JavaScript jobs, then you need more powerful tools at your disposal. The one I think you will find useful is MozRepl. With it you can connect to Firefox and other Mozilla apps, explore and modify them from the inside, execute Javascript, peek into HTML pages, examine functions and variables, all while FireFox is running.
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Codediesel Firefox toolbar

A couple of days back I created a Firefox toolbar for my blog as an experiment in learning XUL. The toolbar is shown below. You can install the same from here.


Now you can create a toolbar for your own blog or site. The source for the toolbar can be downloaded from below after which you can edit the code to suit your site; to help you there is a nice reference for XUL elements here. The idea for the post was inspired by david.

Download Source
Downloads : [downloadcounter(codedieselToolbar)] / File size : [downloadsize(codedieselToolbar)]