How to profile and debug MySQL queries for speed

Most MySQL applications need profiling for speed enhancements at one time or other. I’ve developed several web applications in the past wherein MySQL queries were a major bottleneck in the application performance. In the past however there were no easy tools to analyse SQL queries in a running application and we programmers had to depend on some makeshift solutions to debug SQL queries. Now, however there are some nice free tools which can help you profile MySQL application queries easily.
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JavaScript console tricks

It is generally easier to quickly experiment with PHP or some other language that has an IDE or REPL. However, it is often tricky to quickly test some new JavaScript code or library without first creating a plain HTML page and dropping down to the console.

Chrome developer console however makes it easier to test new libraries or even learn JavaScript if you are a newbie without using something like jsfiddle. Lets say you want to quickly test some jQuery features you like. Instead of creating a web page with the associated jQuery script tag, you can load jQuery from a CDN into the console directly.
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Debugging and tracing PHP5 applications

debugConsole is a tool for debugging and tracing PHP5 applications on production servers without compromising the live-traffic.

With PHP functions you can inspect variables, watch changes in variables over the whole runtime, measure partial runtimes, set checkpoints and write logfiles. debugConsole also replaces the PHP error-handling so that notices, warnings and other errors are also shown in a popup, instead of displaying them in the application to be debugged.
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