Parallel cURL execution in PHP

cURL is a Swiss army knife of web content processing. Programmers use it for a number of things everyday. One interesting feature the cURL library offers that many programmers are unaware of is the parallel execution of requests.
curl has two major modes of request execution: ‘easy’ mode and the ‘multi’ mode. Most people use the ‘easy’ mode – in this mode when we issue multiple requests, the second request will not start until the first one is complete. This is known as synchronous execution, and this is the one we normally use. This means that if we have 100 requests to process, each will be processed in a linear manner, which could take a lot of time. This is where ‘multi’ mode comes to the rescue. In this mode all requests can be handled in parallel or asynchronously. And it can be quite handy and time saving on many occasions. The ‘multi’ or parallel mode is handled by the following curl functions:


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Free Geolocation API tool

NOTE: have done away with the free api access from their site. So the following sample code will no longer work. They now provide a free sample database on their site and also a complete paid version. offers a free geolocation API that lets you query with an ip address and get the location details such as city, country, zip, latitude, longitude etc. The site also offers a free MySQL database for the same if you would like to install it on your server. I’ve used CURL to wrap the API access. The complete function with a sample query and the response is shown below.
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6 essential cURL commands for daily use

cURL is a command line tool for doing all sorts of interesting and essential URL manipulations and data transfers. The original goal of the program was to transfer files programmatically via protocols such as http, ftp, gopher, sftp, ftps, scp, tftp, and many others, via a command line interface. The main benefit of using the command line interface is that you can use the program in your Windows batch file or Linux shell scripts to automate many URL related processes. In this post you will see some essential things you can do using cURL.
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