Five APIs All Developers Need to Know

Every day, dozens of developer tools get released online. Some new developers opt for doing all their work manually, while others choose to explore new tools. If you fall into the second category, then you need to start using APIs. The acronym stands for
Application Programming Interface. In essence, it’s a programing language that lets one service – let’s say Google Maps for instance – communicate with another – for example, AccuWeather.
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How to create a mock REST api for testing in nodejs

There is a frequent requirement during api development to create a mock api quickly so that other team members can use the same to test their respective part of the project. For example front-end developers might need the api endpoints to test their designs. Rather than wait for the complete api to be finished, developers can create a mock api quickly for testing. This nodejs module by typicode helps front-end developers who need a quick back-end for prototyping and mocking REST apis!
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Accessing WordPress data using the new REST api

WordPress is without doubt the most used CMS system around. Various sources peg the usage around 20-30% of all web sites. Whatever the correct figure, there is no doubt that the collective content of WordPress sites is enormously large. However almost all content is virtually held in independent WordPress sites with no way to easily access a sites content programmatically. Of course we have RSS feeds, but it is severely restricted and has a totally different purpose.
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Get the Top Seller items from Amazon using AWS

In a previous post we had seen on how to access the Amazon Product Advertising API. In this post we will see how to add a function to get the ‘Top Sellers’ list for a particular category.

As mentioned in this post, Amazon uses a hierarchy of nodes to organize its various items. Each node represents a collection of items. Browse node IDs are positive integers that uniquely identify product collections. You can get a top seller list for a particular category or sub-category by passing a browsenode id for that particular category.
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Accessing Amazon Product Advertising API

Updated: 19th October 2011

In this post we will see how to access the Amazon Product Advertising API from PHP. Amazon has recently changed (from 15th Aug ’09) the authentication mechanism for accessing their API which must now be signed with your Amazon keys. Unsigned requests will be rejected by Amazon. Also now Amazon Associate Tag is required in the query (effective from 25th Oct. 2011). Note that the code uses the hash_hmac() hash function which is only available for PHP versions 5.1.2 and above, so the code will not work for versions below that.
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