Zend framework map for version 1.5

Zend framework is gaining widespread use everyday. Each new version of the framework includes new component additions. The following shows a visual representation of the Zend framework for version 1.5.
The following image was created using Microsoft Visio and then exported to PDF. I’ll be adding a linked map page soon. Click on the image for a larger view, or download a PDF version here.

Zend Framework Map

Download PDF version (color)
Download PDF version (Grayscale)

5 thoughts to “Zend framework map for version 1.5”

  1. Because its related to creating PDF (data) documents. MVC relates to a way of creating programs. Correct categorization of things is never easy in the real world. We could for example create a new box titled ‘File’ in the data section and then move the ‘PDF’ there.

  2. Excellent, thanks Sameer. I was thinking of doing something similar but mapping each component’s dependencies.

    Good stuff 🙂

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