Sidu – a Free MySQL client

MySQL Sidu is a FREE MySQL client which works via a web browser. Written in php (on surprise there!), MySQL Sidu is a simple and easy to use database tool. Sidu stands for Select Insert Delete Update. Of course Sidu can do more jobs than these. Many of you may already be using other MySQL clients like phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench, but still you can give Sidu a try. Being small in size (less then 200k), its easy to install. You may even think of integrating it in one of your own php applications.

Some of MySQL Sidu features are listed below:

1. Can group tables by first x chars of table names, and which you can control freely;
2. Data result can be sorted in 1 column or 2 columns, which you can switch to your favorable mode;
3. Table list of a database can also be sorted and filtered;
4. Sidu can connect to MySQL servers locally and remotely, with the ability to save your connections on the server;
5. As sidu is working on the web, there are several security controls to protect the data from un-authorized accesses;
6. Sidu is working for multiple users and multiple sessions at the same time;
7. Manage MySQL access tables easily with “GUI”.
8. Empty, drop, export or change engine of tables at one click.
9. Smart data import to make your database admin merrily.

mysql client sidu

mysql sidu

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