Google Pagerank in PHP

Due to recent changes made by Google in its Page Rank processing the following library doesn’t work. However you can try to use the following api made available by

Mark Woodman has created a nifty class which lets you query Google pagerank info in PHP 5 and above. The complete classes are available here.

The minimum classes required are ‘cacher.class.php‘ and ‘google_pagerank.class.php‘.

Sample code is shown below.


$rankObject = new GooglePageRank("");

$pageRank = $rankObject->pagerank;

echo $pageRank;

The class also supports result caching on the local machine, so if a second query arrives within the cache time limit the result saved in the local file is returned rather then going out and querying Google.

The ‘GooglePageRank’ class accepts cache time as a second parameter. So if you want to cache the result for 6 hours you set the second parameter for 21600 seconds (6 * 60 * 60):

$rankObject = new GooglePageRank("", 21600);

The default is set to 24 hours, which is more then adequate for most purposes.

28 thoughts to “Google Pagerank in PHP”

  1. It works. For e.g it gives a page rank of ‘4’ for ‘’.

  2. This topic is a little old, but files are still there so I’d like to suggest something:
    In line 50 of google_pagerank.class.php file you used ‘urlencode’ function. It works until there is ‘&’ in link string, otherwise ‘&’ is treated as another Google’s parameter. Changing ‘urlencode’ to ‘rawurlencode’ solves the problem.
    Nice work btw!
    P.S. Another little suggestion: try adding cURL (if unable to file_get_contents) and various Google Server (and get it random when checking – that way you won’t have to do ‘usleep’ being afraid of ban from Google).

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  4. Nice script could be used for archiving page rank for your sites on a cron job. say, running it once a day. Then, you can see when google is doing another page rank run.

    Which is handy information for you and if you have any customers, for them also!

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