Debugging and tracing PHP5 applications

debugConsole is a tool for debugging and tracing PHP5 applications on production servers without compromising the live-traffic.

With PHP functions you can inspect variables, watch changes in variables over the whole runtime, measure partial runtimes, set checkpoints and write logfiles. debugConsole also replaces the PHP error-handling so that notices, warnings and other errors are also shown in a popup, instead of displaying them in the application to be debugged.

IP-based access restrictions can be defined in the configuration file so that the popup only opens for developers from that IP and not for visitors. After finishing work, the popup can simply be switched off.

Below is a simple example, and its output:

/* load debugConsole functionality */
require_once 'debugConsole/debugConsole.php';

/* test variable debugging */
$foo = 'Hello World!';
dc_dump($foo, '$foo wants to say something:');

/* test variable debugging again */
$bar = 42.0;
dc_dump($bar, '$bar tells us the meaning of life:');

/* test array debugging */
$foobar = array (
	'foo' => $foo,
	'bar' => $bar

dc_dump($foobar, '$foobar is a neat array!');

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