Creating responsive design from scratch is usually a tedious task for beginners. If you are new to responsive design then selecting a appropriate framework is an essential step in your design process. The following post give some pros and cons for a few selected frameworks to help you decide on a responsive framework for your new project.
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Gone are the days when designing a site entailed starting from scratch with html and css. Now we have tools that take away the grunt work out of designing boilerplate code and other miscellaneous work, and lets you focus on what really matters, the end product. Below are a few good tools that will help you in designing and prototyping web and mobile products, whether working as a team or as a lone ranger.
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Using a mobile accelerometer to enhance web app UI

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13 Jan 2015

A accelerometer is one of the important sensors in mobiles. This sensor along with a gyroscope is essentially used by most mobiles games to detect motion in 3 dimensions whenever a mobile is moved or shaken. Although common with mobiles applications, web applications seldom use the features provided by these sensors. With some ingenuity we can use these sensors to enhance the user experience of a web app on a mobile device without much effort.
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For the past several years Google’s reCAPTCHA has helped verify that a user is not a bot by forcing you to decipher warped text. reCAPTCHA’s method of protecting websites from spam has always been a kind of burden on the end user who has to solve the captcha to prove that he is human and not a bot.
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With a variety of video sources available online it can be useful if one can get additional information regarding a particular video, this can be helpful for creating embedding code or customizing a display of a particular video.
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