So, you have put in all your best efforts into building an out-of-the-box Node.js application? If you’re contented with how the app has come up, it’s time to gear up for releasing it for the public. Well, numerous solutions can be chosen for hosting your Node.js application in the most refined manner. Through this post, I’ll be introducing you to five of the most recommended PaaS solutions which have made Node.js app hosting quite simple and efficient.
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Need to make that webpage splashy or add some visuals to a seemingly monotonous page; below are some jQuery effects plugins that will help you add some visuals to your site.
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Frequently one finds that some piece of webpage code is slowing down pageload time. Although there are many PHP libraries that one can use to benchmark the code to find bottlenecks, most of the time a quick solution is usually enough. Usually xdebug is used, but many times it is not installed on servers. The current post show a simple way to find bottlenecks in your PHP code.
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During a recent client project, I frequently needed to access a remote database table and update the same for certain fields. This was accomplished using phpMyAdmin on the server. However, it was getting tedious and was prone to accidental updates and deletes. Also, a couple of other developers also needed to make changes to certain fields on the remote database from their local server.

This is all a tedious process and prone to errors. One solution was to create a quick REST api wrapper around the remote database, using which developers could update the database table without any risk of corrupting the data and also with the added benefit of updating the table programmatically.
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In a previous post we had seen on how to access the Amazon Product Advertising API. In this post we will see how to add a function to get the ‘Top Sellers’ list for a particular category.

As mentioned in this post, Amazon uses a hierarchy of nodes to organize its various items. Each node represents a collection of items. Browse node IDs are positive integers that uniquely identify product collections. You can get a top seller list for a particular category or sub-category by passing a browsenode id for that particular category.
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