Smartphone ecommerce usage infographic

Developers have a lot to consider when it comes to the user experience: making sure everything works, how intuitive it is to use, and that it beats the competition. But one thing that developers have to consider now on top of everything else is how to deliver all of these same variables in a pocket-sized, mobile format.

Having a mobile app is something that users expect from brands now, and it’s a big part because the rising level of reliance on mobile devices. Mobile functionality is something that’s impossible to ignore, and in order to develop properly for it, you need to understand who’s going to be using it.

In the infographic below, provided by , we look at demographic information regarding the rise of smartphones, their prevalence in everyday society, and even what percentage of each key demographic use a smartphone regularly. By figuring out who’s got access to your app, and what kind of consumer behavior they engage in with their phones, you can develop a smarter, more comprehensive app.

Developers know that the planning phase is important, even though you often have to adapt to new ideas and customer behavior in the long run. So when it comes to your mobile app, use the information provided in the below infographic to make your app as strong as possible. (Click on the image for a larger version)

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