Infinite Wall of images using Mootools

JavaScript Photo galleries are dime-a-dozen, with a large number of variations in size and features. But this particular one developed using Mootools is a breath of fresh air. Most galleries are spatially bounded, i.e. they have a limit how how much you can scroll in any direction.

The Wall – is a Photo Gallery which can cover your entire screen with images. It provides a spatially infinite plane to display images, video or other media. Imagine a infinite grid, in the cells of which you can put images. You can scroll the photos in any direction – vertical, horizontal, diagonal and reverse too. You can insert any number of images in the grid, which are repeated over the entire plane to give a illusion of an infinite wall.

Also, it’s not just for images, it also can hold videos and text and it can be used as an endless grid or also as the popular Coda Slider.

The plugin also provides many interesting variations on the basic theme as shown below.

the wall options

Demos :

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