Attractive HTML Email templates

Although my primary interests lie in software development, good design is something I cannot ignore. I quite often need to send HTML emails to clients but have to settle for simple designs due to lack of good templates; and getting someone else to design it ends up taking a lot of time with unsatisfactory results.

Campaignmonitor provides a showcase of 30+ free email templates for download, ready with PSD files. Each template comes tested with various email programs, including iPhone, although I’ve only used it with Gmail. Various designers around the world have contributed their designs to the template bouquet. If you use campaignmonitor the templates also includes HTML files with the appropriate tags for working with the same.

3 thoughts to “Attractive HTML Email templates”

  1. Nice templates indeed. But email templates can only be implemented in manual emails. Do you have any suggestions as a free alternative to feedburner, whereby we can provide a subscriptions form to our users and which sends an automated html-customizable-email , without compromising on the propagation?

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