Number to text conversion offers a small and useful class to convert numbers to their textual equivalent. If you are building a accounting or invoicing application it may come in handy. The class can be downloaded form here. A sample code using the class is shown below.

    require_once 'libs/numtotext.php';

    $tt = new TextualNumber();

    /* Catch 'out of range' and 'invalid character' exceptions */
    try {
        echo $tt->GetText("197533408989");
    catch(Exception $e) {
        echo $e->getMessage();


The above code prints:

one hundred and ninety-seven billion 
five hundred and thirty-three million 
four hundred and eight thousand 
nine hundred and eighty-nine

The class supports a range up to 999999999999999999 and also supports decimal numbers.
One thing to note is that The billion/trillion etc suffixes are done using the American style (eg 9 zeros for billion, 12 for trillion).

2 thoughts to “Number to text conversion”

  1. nice, thanx, but i suggest that would better if you delete the “and ” in hundred

    // Three digit number
    case ‘3’:
    if ($int % 100 == 0) {
    $text = self::$units[$int{0}] . ‘ hundred’;
    } else {
    $text = self::$units[$int{0}] . ‘ hundred and ‘ . self::GetText(substr($int, 1));




    One hundred ninety-seven billion,
    five hundred thirty-three million,
    four hundred eight thousand,
    nine hundred eighty-nine and 89/100

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