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Referrer spam has always been a nuisance, specially if you have some traffic restrictions on your hosting. The referral traffic robs your site from the precious bandwidth allocated (also know as Bandwidth Theft). Also with a large number of spam traffic, legitimate users will be greeted with a slow and sometimes non responsive site. Htaccess […]

Bower is a package manager for the web and offers a generic solution to the problem of front-end package management. For example the Polymer library uses Bower for package management. In fact, the primary reason for me to install Bower was to use Polymer. The main difference between Bower and pther package managers is that […]

CS-Cart is one of the premium shopping platform for building ecommerce sites. As with any ecommerce solutions CS-Cart includes various tax features. However, one important feature it lacks is sales tax. For a recent client work I needed to integrate the sales tax api from StrikeIron, which provides a cloud-based Data Quality Suite including email […]

Piwik is a Open source web analytics application that has a huge number of valuable functions related to SEO and other analytics stuff built-in. One such module is RankChecker. This module provides page rank information for Google, Dmoz and Alexa. With some modification to the original RankChecker.php we can use it in our own application […]

There is nothing worse for a site owner to endure than to have his site hacked with no backup to restore from. Many people rely on the hosting providers backup feature or if unavailable make a copy themselves on a regular basis. Unfortunately, ‘Regular’ can mean weeks or months, depending on how serious the issue […]

There is nothing more frustrating than filling a complex web form and just as you are ready to submit it, you accidentally hit refresh, close your window tab or the browser just crashes on you. Only if you could add some kind of auto-save feature to the form to mitigate this problem. Applications like Gmail, […]

With the ever increasing presence of the Web, more people are interested in learning the language of the Web. Designers, artists, and newbie’s unfamiliar with Web development are eager to learn to code so that they can understand the Web better and create something original. Learning through books can take some time and can be […]

If you find some image file saved from Facebook, you can quickly get the users profile ID and other details from the image file name. Every image saved from a Facebook profile has a unique filename such as ‘86948_8239343856_5678_n.jpg’ (this is a dummy number). The 2nd number from left in the filename, in this case […] is giving away 2 full year accounts for codediesel readers. ibvpn provides a paid VPN service for web anonymity. A VPN is one of the essential elements of modern networks; besides helping companies connect geographically distant networks securely, a VPN also allows one to overcome online restrictions and bypass internet censorship from anywhere and […]

The admin section is an integral part of most websites, particularly CMS sites. Creating one can be time consuming, unless you have some ready-made templates for the same. Below are a few admin templates that I personally like, which will help you in developing your admin section quickly. Although some of them are not free, […]

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