PHP built in functions map

Wordle is a online Java Applet for generating word clouds. The application is simple. You enter a bunch of text and Wordle does the rest. The applet provides options to change color, font and layout. Just for fun I created a Wordle cloud to display php’s built in functions. Two samples are shown below. The size of the font in the cloud is proportional to the number of functions starting with the particular name.
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“why software projects fail” Poster

Software projects fail – that is a fact no developer is immune from; and the reasons for the same are quite simple and well understood. Still we encounter projects that have gone astray because developers or companies do not learn from their mistakes or are unwilling to follow best practices. For many of us, its always the “next project” that is going to be well designed.
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Adding HeatMaps to your website

ClickHeat is a wonderful PHP software that lets you add Heatmaps for your webpages. Heatmaps are visual representation of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. It can be useful to see at a glance which webpage areas are getting the most clicks as this areas get redder in color while the areas receiving less clicks are white. The software has many options to tweak, and the heatmaps can be added on a per page basis.

A sample heatmap image is shown below. You can also use the clickheat class in your own PHP applications. The software doesn’t require any database, only GD graphics library must be enabled on the server, which in most cases already is.

You can view a heatmap for the index page for this site here. I’ve presently only added click log for the index page, so try clicking on the index page links to update the heatmap.

username : visitor
password: visitor

If you don’t see any changes in the heatmap, click on the “log my clicks” link in the right corner or try logging out and then logging in again.