angularjs-charts tutorial

Creating Interactive Charts in AngularJS

Data in the form of rows and columns is boring, and it’s difficult to derive insights from it in that form. Add interactive charts to it, and you make it easier for everybody to make sense of it. You start seeing patterns that were impossible to spot by looking at raw data alone. But how do you add interactive charts to your website?

Well, that’s what this tutorial will teach you. In this post I will walk you through the process of creating interactive charts in one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks – AngularJS. We will be implementing charts via FusionCharts’ JavaScript charts package. And to make our job easier, we will make use of its AngularJS charts plugin.
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5 Tools to visualize database schemas

Database schema visualization is an essential process during the initial project design phase. Also, it can be useful when you need to reverse engineer a big schema and need to understand the various relationships between different tables. Below are given various database diagramming and visualization tools that will help you make sense of your complex database designs.
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Display line and area charts in PHP and MySQL

Most data in any web application is usually sourced from a database. Usually some data transformation is required before we can visualize the required data. Most programmers however wanting to display visualizations or charts shy away from the task as there are a number of intermediate steps required to display the visualization. Morris charts however makes the task easier. We only need to directly pass the MySQL queried rows to the Morris charts javascript and we are done. Morris Charts is one of my favorite tools to display dashboard visualization on the web.
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Auto website wireframes

Creating wireframes is one of the essential tasks of any web designer or information architect, and with a plethora of tools available it has become an easy task. Wireframes give you a birds eye view of the site before you actually commit to a design. It is also instructional to see the designs of other site, but then you have go to the drawing board and create one yourself. Wirify makes the job easier for you.

Wirify is a small bookmarklet that lets you quickly see the wire-frame of any website with a single click. For example below is a wireframe of the current site.
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