Deleting pesky blank lines from source files

Blank lines are an eye sore for source files. During the last few weeks I’ve been shuttling php and html files from various host servers and my PC. During the whole ordeal the source files kept adding a huge number of blank lines. At one point an ‘if’ construct in one of my PHP code was about 60 lines away from the next starting brace. This was all caused by the non standard newline character, also known as a line break or end-of-line (EOL) character. As we all know, it is a special character or sequence of characters signifying the end of a line of text. Unfortunately the actual codes representing the newline differ across operating systems, which creates problems such as the above when exchanging data between systems. If you think you don’t use *nix systems and are therefore free from these problems then you are wrong. Even though you may be using Windows, most host servers are Linux based, and so transferring files back and forth from these servers can create these kind of problems.
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Creating a .htaccess file on Windows

Everyone who has tried creating a .htaccess on windows knows that Windows Explorer does not accept the ‘.’ character as the first character of a file. For most of you this may be old stuff, but for the newbies, the quick way to create the file is to open the command prompt and type:

copy con .htaccess [press enter]
[press ctrl Z]

The second way is to:
Open notepad and save the document with file name .htaccess with the ‘save as type’ set to ‘All Files’; or save the document with file name as “.htaccess” including the quotes.

Validating POST fields the easy way

Validating POST data from a form is a common requirement for a developer. If the number of form fields are few than the validation is a small matter. But the case is different when the form contains more than 15 or 20 fields and some of the fields are mandatory. The following code will give you an idea of how to easily validate mandatory fields, whatever the number of fields.
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