GoDaddy woes

Due to the recent traffic spike on my site, Godaddy has pulled my site from the main server and pushed it to a temporary machine citing the following reason for the same.

It has come to our attention that your hosting account for is causing an overload of the shared resources on this server. This, in turn, affects the server performance for other customers. We have migrated your site to a new server to provide you time to resolve the issue.
At the end of this time period, we will review your CPU usage. If it has been resolved, we will migrate you back to the original server. If it has not been resolved, you should then consider the need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server. Please note, if the CPU usage is further exceeded on this new server, we reserve the right to suspend the account to ensure the overall health of the server.

They are planning to restore the site to the original server in a month if the problem is resolved, but the last line freaks me out. I can understand their predicament; they have to ensure equal service to all sites on a shared hosting, but I cannot afford to get my site pulled down without any warning. So I’m planning to migrate it to a different server. I’ve narrowed down my choices to two hosting providers; mochahos and justhost.

What do you think is the best hosting provider to replace Godaddy. Currently I use a shared Linux hosting plan.
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Pixelation of images using HTML5 Canvas

Close Pixelate is a Javascript library created by David DeSandro that converts an image into a pixelated version using an HTML5 canvas element. The library works with all browsers supporting HTML5 canvas. You can view the online demo below.

The function takes various options, which you can tweak to your taste to render the final image.

  • resolution : The distance in pixels between rendered pixels. Required.
  • shape : The shape of the pixel. Accepts square, circle, and diamond. Optional. Defaults to square.
  • size : The size in pixels of the rendered pixel. Optional. Defaults to value of resolution.
  • offset : Offset in pixels. Optional. Defaults to 0. Can be a single value 15 for a diagonal offset, or an array or object for X/Y pairs: [ 15, 5 ] or { x: 15, y: 5 }.
  • alpha : A decimal value for the opacity of the rendering. Optional. Defaults to 1.

You can download the code from GitHub.

image pixelation

Debugging and tracing PHP5 applications

debugConsole is a tool for debugging and tracing PHP5 applications on production servers without compromising the live-traffic.

With PHP functions you can inspect variables, watch changes in variables over the whole runtime, measure partial runtimes, set checkpoints and write logfiles. debugConsole also replaces the PHP error-handling so that notices, warnings and other errors are also shown in a popup, instead of displaying them in the application to be debugged.
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Export Illustrator art to HTML5 canvas

AI-Canvas plug-in enables Adobe Illustrator to export vector and bitmap artwork to an HTML5 canvas element, which can then be rendered in a canvas-enabled browser. The plug-in provides drawing, animation and coding options such as events so that you can build interactive, well-designed canvas-based web apps. This is a wonderful tool if you are just starting with HTML5 canvas, helping to decrease the learning curve. This can really come in handy for people like myself who are not really into graphics programming.