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PHP 5.5 has added a nice support for Generators, which I’ll cover in some other post. I needed to test these new features and add some to old applications. However PHP has dropped support for Windows XP and Windows 2003 starting with PHP 5.5. and I still have a Windows XP machine (along with Ubuntu […]

One of the cool features of WordPress is its shortcode feature. There may be times one wished to add this capability to your PHP web applications. Recently I found one such library which allows you to add shortcode features to your web apps. The library discussed here implements WordPress style shortcode syntax as a standalone […]

During a recent client project, I frequently needed to access a remote database table and update the same for certain fields. This was accomplished using phpMyAdmin on the server. However, it was getting tedious and was prone to accidental updates and deletes. Also, a couple of other developers also needed to make changes to certain […]

Search is an integral of all websites. Most of the current WordPress an other sites use a built-in search capability or rely on Google custom search. However, many a times you will want to add your own search engine which you can yourself control. This can be particularity useful if you have a small intranet. […]

Over the last few years I’ve received quite some queries regarding the article Downloading Gmail attachments using PHP published here. After procrastinating for some time (a long time actually), I’ve answered some of the queries in this updated post. As mentioned in the earlier post, automatically extracting attachments from Gmail can be important for reasons […]

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