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One of the important elements of a web application is form processing and file uploads. PHP has excellent support for these kind of things which makes it so popular with developers. Programmers moving to node.js find that it does not have an easy way to process uploaded files. However some excellent node modules can make […]

The Crypto module is one of the important modules available for Node.js, and allows you to use it for encrypting content, creating digests and creating public-key signatures. In this post we will work with creating a simple message digest from some given content. Here we will create a Node.js server that responds with a cryptographic […]

I finally got my hands on the Raspberry Pi a few days back. My upcoming plan is to use the Pi as a Node.js server. If you haven’t heard of the open, platform-friendly, inexpensive $35 Linux-powered computing platform known as Raspberry Pi by now, you better do so. Starting with the Auduino, this is surely […]

The Colors module is one of the simpler modules you could use with Node. You can use it to provide different color and style effects to the console.log string output. All of the output that you generate in the Node.js console is of a single color. This can make debugging harder as you cannot easily […]

Node.js is slowly making inroads in normal web development routines. There are a number of modules available for Node to work with almost any requirement you imagine, although the stability of many of them is open to question. Although I’ll surely not switch my development practices to Node from PHP any time soon; for many […]

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