Microsoft URLScan and POST problem

I recently encountered a problem on a clients Windows 2000 server SP4, who had a php site installed on IIS 5.0. But it was showing a strange behavior. Pages pushing data via POST were not getting processed, rather it was throwing a 404 error. Obviously it was because the allowed verbs in IIS were limited to GET and HEAD only. So the simple solution was changing the allowed verbs to include POST in the IIS administration panel. But as always happens, it was easier said than done. The problem was that IIS wouldn’t start; splashing an ugly ‘unable to connect to the machine‘ error. Microsoft knowledge base suggested some changes to the registry; but I could not mess with that solution, as the site was live.
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Internet Explorer 8 WebSlices

ie 8 webslicesWebSlices, what?
Internet Explorer 8 has introduced a new feature, WebSlices. In a nutshell, WebSlices enable websites to connect with users by allowing them subscribe to content directly within a webpage. WebSlices behave just like RSS feeds, but instead of subscribing to XML feeds you subscribe to portions of a particular website and receive updates when the content changes. The slices corresponding to a particular website are polled at user-defined intervals to keep the content fresh.

With the help of WebSlices you can keep your users connected to your site. Any content on your site that regularly changes can be tagged as a WebSlice. For e.g products, horoscopes, weather, stocks, news, photos.

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Microsoft Live Mesh. The exciting world ahead!

The basic principle: To make this multi-device world easier for users and developers.

Microsoft Live Mesh is a “software-plus-services” platform that enables PCs, mobiles and other devices to work with each other through the Internet, enabling individuals and organizations to manage, access, share and sync their files, data and applications seamlessly on the Web and across their world of devices. Live Mesh is a Software + Services platform rather then an application. Read More