Face detection using jQuery

Face detection is a common feature in most digital cameras today; the white or red square that pops around someones face when we are focusing the camera on that person. Face detection algorithms enables the software to pinpoint the locations and sizes of human faces in digital images, whatever the surrounding objects may be.
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JavaScript console tricks

It is generally easier to quickly experiment with PHP or some other language that has an IDE or REPL. However, it is often tricky to quickly test some new JavaScript code or library without first creating a plain HTML page and dropping down to the console.

Chrome developer console however makes it easier to test new libraries or even learn JavaScript if you are a newbie without using something like jsfiddle. Lets say you want to quickly test some jQuery features you like. Instead of creating a web page with the associated jQuery script tag, you can load jQuery from a CDN into the console directly.
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angularjs-charts tutorial

Creating Interactive Charts in AngularJS

Data in the form of rows and columns is boring, and it’s difficult to derive insights from it in that form. Add interactive charts to it, and you make it easier for everybody to make sense of it. You start seeing patterns that were impossible to spot by looking at raw data alone. But how do you add interactive charts to your website?

Well, that’s what this tutorial will teach you. In this post I will walk you through the process of creating interactive charts in one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks – AngularJS. We will be implementing charts via FusionCharts’ JavaScript charts package. And to make our job easier, we will make use of its AngularJS charts plugin.
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Installing NodeJS on NetBeans

Currently my favorite IDE for NodeJS is NetBeans. Although there are other excellent IDEs available, nothing beats a free one. Also, as I regularly use NetBeans for PHP it is natural to also use the same for NodeJS as it becomes easier to manage multiple projects in a single IDE. In this post I describe steps to install NodeJS development environment in NetBeans.
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