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Image plagiarism is one of the common issues faced by websites, specially by designers and photographers. Besides the technique of attaching a copyright text or a hidden watermark, the other most common method of preventing casual copying of images from websites is by disabling right-click using JavaScript. Another scheme I recently found uses a method […]

Email is one of the common input fields in any web form. Many sites use two email fields to make sure that the user has entered correct email ids. This is a common idiom in web design, and it is surprising that it has not changed over all these years. One of the interesting alternative […]

For any moderately complex web application a help section is mandatory. Most of us rely on displaying the help in a popup or a different window. One other interesting way is to display the help section beneath the main window, which then slides to display the help section below.

One of the features lacking in the current browser api is that of determining whether the web page is currently visible to the user or is hidden (either in another tab or window). The new Page Visibility API allows you to do just that – determine whether your web page is visible to the user, […]

Waypoints is a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to execute a function whenever you scroll to a particular element – a ‘waypoint’. This can be used to highlight when a element comes into view, load additional html or throw a popup. In this post we will use it to create a infinite scroll […]

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