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Recently, Google introduced Schemas in Gmail messages to allow developers to deliver a more interactive email experience integrated with their web app. Schemas in emails can be used to represent various types of entities and actions. Email clients that understand schemas, such as Gmail, can render entities and actions defined in the messages with a […]

Email is one of the common input fields in any web form. Many sites use two email fields to make sure that the user has entered correct email ids. This is a common idiom in web design, and it is surprising that it has not changed over all these years. One of the interesting alternative […]

One little gem I recently encountered is protocol-relative URLs. This solves the headaches of the age-old problem of creating URLs which work whether you’re in SSL mode or normal http. For example take the following image :

Printing web pages from JavaScript, although not a common scenario, can be easily accomplished with some simple code. On the other hand, selectively printing some elements from a web page – like a div or a paragraph, can be challenging. Fortunately there are libraries available that can make the task easier. One such useful jQuery […]

pdf.js is an HTML5 technology experiment from Mozilla that explores building a faithful and efficient Portable Document Format (PDF) renderer using Canvas without any native code support. The goal of the project is to create a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering PDFs, and eventually to release a PDF reader extension powered by […]

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