PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser Script

In this post I have explained some elements to scrap data from external websites.
Simple HTML DOM parser is a PHP 5+ class which is useful to manipulate HTML elements. This class can work with both valid HTML and HTML pages that do not pass W3C validation. You can find elements by ids, classes, tags and many more. You can also add, delete or alter DOM elements. The only one thing you should care about is memory leaks – but you can avoid memory leaks as explained later.
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Five APIs All Developers Need to Know

Every day, dozens of developer tools get released online. Some new developers opt for doing all their work manually, while others choose to explore new tools. If you fall into the second category, then you need to start using APIs. The acronym stands for
Application Programming Interface. In essence, it’s a programing language that lets one service – let’s say Google Maps for instance – communicate with another – for example, AccuWeather.
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