“Small minds try to form religions, the great ones just want better routes up the mountain.”
-Alan Kay

The above quote is from Alan Kay’s HOPL II paper – The early history of Smalltalk. Wonderful quote from a brilliant man. Genius like Kay I’m surely not, still, we can all contribute, however small, to build a better route, even forge new ones. This blog is my small contribution; jostling for space along with the other millions like me around the digital landscape. It’s a digital habitat for me to post articles, tutorials, and comments on subjects that I find interesting and useful, and hopefully to other web professionals. The ideas are about software in general and php/mysql in particular.


I currently work as a freelance back-end developer, primarily in PHP/MySQL. I also provide integration services for various opensource applications, web scrapping projects, and I’m available for consulting if you have any requirements.


Regarding any comments or suggestions you may have for this site or any of the sites content, or you have any questions you want to ask me; please contact me at metapix [at] gmail.com. Please do not send emails to request help in debugging code. I get a large number of emails and it is difficult to attend to them all.

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  1. Hello Sameer,

    What is your cost structure(Hourly,Project) ? I am located in the US and need a couple of sited built.

  2. hi sammer,

    i am new in selenium , i have completed the installed the selinun as per ur instraction, thus i want to know how to use data driven testing in selenium PHP code.
    means login checking with multiple user name & password,
    for invalid user name & password

    please if u have some useful command related to fetch data from combo box or list box , also how to use random number random string

    please help me as soon as possible

  3. Sorry for too late.
    Thanx a lot. I visited your BLOG site and feeling happy to see your experience, knowledge and wisdom. You are a great talented Indian guy.

    You can’t think that but I was search for this script on select menus from a month. But even on Google there is no such good tutorial site linked who really explain the simple job. I sending you another script which I found interesting but it does a great work in coding and on Result end it complete its task but checking out the source code it fails to print selected=”selected”/SELECTED in option tags which are really select by user.

    Its my request to you as a friend that Please seo of your site more on this topic and linked this tutorial example in Google on for SELECT MENU DATA PERSISTENCE and/or some others keywords.

    I think it is helpful and very important tutorial and maximum number of websites I don’t know why but skips to explain data persistence in SELECT MENUS during teaching “PHP Form Data Persistence”.

  4. Hi!

    i’m looking for someone to work with, am using wordpress and want to develop my skills together with someone. Are you intreressted in some kind of coworking?

    I live in Sweden by the way and was in Pune a couple of years ago.

    best wishes,

  5. Amazon Product API is requiring AssociateTag now or very soon. How does this affect your Amazon Product API example. I use a modified version of your code. Ultimately everything goes to aws_signed_request which is where the public and private key are added. Is this no long sufficient? I think adding the AssociateTag there would be the simplest change but I wonder if I have to pass teh AssociateTag in as part of $parameters every time…

    Gotta look at it more, but I thought since it was your original design you might have some thoughts too.

  6. Hi Sameer,

    I’m a beginner QA, I need to learn and fully understand Selenium. I’m working on Linux operating system.

    I read the documentation to Selenium but still need help, please advice me what to do.

  7. Here is the simplest fix I came up with:

    * Query Amazon with the issued parameters
    * @param array $parameters parameters to query around
    * @return simpleXmlObject xml query response
    private function queryAmazon($parameters)
    $parameters[“AssociateTag”] = myInfo::MY_AMAZON_ASSOCIATE_ID;

    return aws_signed_request(“com”, $parameters, $this->public_key, $this->private_key);

  8. Thanks for your post about Link List! very useful!!

    Here some add-ons:

    // por Pablo
    public function rewind(){
    $this->lastNode = $this->firstNode;

    // por Pablo
    public function current(){
    return $this->lastNode->data;

    // por Pablo
    public function next(){
    $out = $this->lastNode->data;
    $this->lastNode = $this->lastNode->next;
    return $out;

  9. So fan of your article.
    Its very helpfull for the beginners.

    Just a litle note about your article “Accessing Amazon Product Advertising API”, there is a wrong space before ‘&’ in the final request building which included signature.
    /* create request */
    $request = “http://”.$host.$uri.”?”.$canonicalized_query.”

    => it creates problem for usage

  10. In regards to your post “Transferring large PSD files quickly using Diff-Patch” –
    You can use dropbox to share files with your customers. Dropbox keeps synchronizing only the diffs.

  11. I hired Sameer for a web scraping project after viewing his tutorial. It was an awesome experience. The code is well organized and commented for me to learn from. The turn-around time was very fast and he gave me extra tips on usage on a skype session. This was my first experience hiring a programmer and I was a little nervous sending payment and that type of thing but hey, I’m a noob.

    I’m ready for more powerful scripts from you Sameer, thanks!

  12. Hi Alan Kay,

    I’m a huge fan of your blog. I know you typically write about programmes but thought I’d see if you’d consider posting about an organization I’m currently working with, More Than Me, that works to lift girls off the street and into school in Liberia, West Africa.

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    So, why are all these people also “Abigail”?

    Abigail could be you. Abigail could be your sister, your niece, your student, or your neighbor. Remember, we live in a global community; there is no “me” without “we”, Abigail is because you are, and you are because Abigail is.

    Join the community. When you’ve done that, help the community grow by spreading our story. And most of all, get inspired by checking out http://www.voteabigail.org.

    Thank you
    Mini Verma

  13. Hi I need a bit of help here,I have set up a wordpress affiliate site with amazon and I am having problems with the products connecting to amazon,I can load them onto my website but the image is blank and it gives a message:Product Details:blank and message unable to connect to amazon.Anyone else out there have this problem as well and have you got any solutions.

    Awaiting feedback and thanks in advance.

  14. Have you tried using PhpStorm? I’ve never used Komodo, but PhpStorm has blown me away since I started using it. I could never go back to anything else now!

  15. Hey there would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re using?

    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this
    blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you suggest a good
    internet hosting provider at a fair price? Cheers, I appreciate it!

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